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27SiMn alloy steel pipe manufacturer with high cost performance in Jiangxi Province
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News of Jiangxi 27SiMn alloy steel pipe

According to statistics, China's cumulative exports of Q345B from January to November in 2018 Alloy steel 778000 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 8.6%. Among them, 12.32 million tons of rods and wires were exported from January to November, a year-on-year decrease of 18.4%; 38.63 million tons of plates were exported, with a year-on-year decrease of 3.4%. According to the survey data of domestic steel exports in December by the export research group of Shanghai Iron and Steel Federation, the domestic steel export volume in December 2018 increased slightly compared with that of the previous month, with a month on month increase of about 4%, but a slight decrease of about 3% on a year-on-year basis. It is expected that the cumulative year-on-year reduction of steel exports in 2018 will be about 6.1 million tons. The 1905 rebar contract opened at 3378 yuan, increased by 3456 yuan, decreased by 3366 yuan, and closed at 3455 yuan, which was 66 yuan / ton higher than the settlement price on the previous trading day. On the previous trading day, the Prussian iron ore index (62% Pb powder, CFR) was at US $72.35, down $0.35 from the close before the festival.

In addition, according to the price of rebar in 61 major cities monitored by the Shinkansen, 0 cities rose, accounting for 0%, 51 cities decreased, accounting for 84%, and 10 cities remained unchanged, accounting for 16%. From a nationwide perspective, no city rose at the opening, most of the market fell, a few regions consolidation afternoon, most cities stabilized.

Brief introduction of Jiangxi 27SiMn alloy steel pipe

Alloy steel pipe reinforced composite plastic pipe. It is formed by welding the punched steel strip into steel pipe, and then compounding PE plastics on the inner and outer layers of steel mesh by compound extrusion. This kind of alloy steel pipe can be produced continuously, which is a new type of steel plastic composite pipe with great development prospect.
Steel frame plastic composite pipe is welded by wire. It is a kind of structural composite pipe, which is formed by winding and continuous welding tubular steel wire mesh as reinforced framework and inlaid in the middle of thermoplastic pipe wall. This new type of pipe has excellent comprehensive performance and has been widely used in various industrial fields of oil, water and gas transportation. The appearance of steel skeleton plastic composite pipe provides a new direction for the development of alloy steel pipe industry, and its popularization will drive the technical progress of China and even the global pipeline industry.
The large-scale production of steel skeleton plastic composite pipe will not only fill the blank in this field, but also drive the development of a large number of related industries.

The main production technology of surface composite alloy steel pipe is

Knowledge of Jiangxi 27SiMn alloy steel pipe

? In addition, the impact energy of al2cocrfeni alloy steel pipe is more than 400j at room temperature, which is higher than that of most pure metals and alloys, and there is no obvious ductile brittle transition with the decrease of temperature. Its strength and toughness have also reached a perfect combination, and its comprehensive properties are higher than most traditional pure metals and alloys, such as aluminum alloy, alloy steel pipe, etc., which opens up a new idea for the development of metal alloy field.
In recent years, another work on high entropy alloy was published on nature communications by Professor PK Liaw and his team from the University of Tennessee. The phase evolution law of high entropy alloy during solidification and subsequent cooling process was studied, including spinadal phase separation and ordering. The superconductivity temperature of alloy steel tube was studied by German. The critical superconducting transition temperature was 7.3k under O magnetic field. The results were published in Physical Review Letters. Professor Zhang Yong and his research group found that the excellent performance of high entropy alloy at low temperature is expected to make it a new generation of low temperature structural materials, and be used in aerospace, superconductivity, liquefied natural gas storage tank and other directions.

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