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Hengshui professional 180 alloy steel pipe specifications are complete
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News of Hengshui 180 alloy steel pipe

On April 11, the spot price of all black lines fluctuated in a narrow range. Industrial data show that steel production continues to increase and inventory decline is narrowed. Considering the Qingming Festival last week, downstream demand is still preferred, but the production will continue to maintain a high level, steel cost will move up, profit level will continue to rise, and prices will remain high.

The weekly output of screw thread increased by 51700 tons on a month on month basis. The social stock of screw thread was reported to be 7.6716 million tons, a decrease of 510400 tons compared with last week. The inventory of steel mills was 2.0686 million tons, down 210800 tons. The two warehouses fell by more than 700000 tons, indicating that under the environment of steel mills' rising prices, traders accelerated shipment, Alloy steel Downstream transactions are booming.

Today, the domestic black series commodity futures rose and fell, among which the finished products continued to rise to a new high in the year, the double coke was still weak downward, the iron ore rose slightly, and the large volume capital inflow. The contract of 1910 is strong. After the breakthrough of 3800 level above the short-term contract in October, or looking to 3850, it is suggested to take more orders and a small amount of participation. Iron ore 1909 contract strong shock. Under the influence of high ore prices, steel mills are cautious in purchasing. Although the shipment of foreign ores has declined, the port inventory has reached a new high since August last year.

The scrap price has rebounded upward in recent years driven by screw thread. The overall cost of EAF steel has risen. The scrap addition ratio of blast furnace and converter may not go up further, and the ore downward space is limited. On the technical side, by the screw vibration, phase mine recorded cross star, short-term recommendations to wait and see. On April 11, a total of 4 steel mills nationwide released price adjustment information, with the cumulative adjustment range of 0-150 yuan / ton.

Brief introduction of Hengshui 180 alloy steel pipe

The alloy steel pipe construction project has huge investment and long construction period. Design and construction to put into use after completion. There are various risks in the whole implementation process. In order to understand the project risk more comprehensively. And targeted management, it is necessary to classify the project risk. The risk of alloy steel pipe engineering can be carried out from many different angles and according to different standards, but its classification method has a lot in common with the general classification method mentioned above, which will not be repeated here. In this paper, according to the damage object, from the construction project management practice in the practice of different consequences of the project risk is divided into two aspects.
Wherever such risks occur, all walks of life will be affected. Alloy steel pipe engineering is no exception. Compared with other products, construction products have the characteristics of large scale, long production cycle and complexity. Therefore, there are many uncertain factors in the production process.

Knowledge of Hengshui 180 alloy steel pipe

? The most important characteristic of alloy steel pipe is high entropy effect. According to the comparison of entropy of high entropy alloy and traditional alloy, the entropy value of traditional alloy is generally below 1R, which is far less than the entropy limit of alloy steel pipe of 1.5R, which belongs to low entropy alloy. High entropy alloy tends to form FCC, BCC or HCP solid solution with simple phase structure, which indicates that such high mixing entropy of high entropy alloy will inevitably affect the phase formation law. Moreover, it can be seen from the research that the number of phases formed in alloy steel pipe is far less than the maximum number of phases that can be generated according to formula (1-1).
According to the statistics of a large number of experimental data, when the number of principal components is 3, generally one phase is formed; when the number of principal components reaches 5, the number of phases is 2; when the number of principal components is 8, the number of phases is only 3 It can be found that with the increase of the number of principal components, the number of phases formed increases slowly and is far less than the maximum number of phases formed in the alloy.

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